Request for Proposal for Architectural and Engineering Services – Art Gallery Barrier Free

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   Fév 16, 2017
   Mar 7, 2017

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   John Reid

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Request for Proposal for Architectural and Engineering Services – Art Gallery Barrier Free

The City of St. Albert is requesting proposals from qualified, licensed and professional consulting firms to provide architectural and engineering services required for the Art Gallery of St. Albert Barrier Free Upgrades. The successful consultant will be responsible for the preliminary and detailed design, provision of a viable and cost effective design for the construction and provision of project management services during and post-construction.
The Project is conceptually considered to add barrier free access to the Banque d’Hochelaga from the street as well as adding an elevator on the interior. An original conceptual plan for this project has been completed by David Murray Architect and Sturgess Architecture and has be been included as Appendix A in this package. For the purpose of this project, option 3A from Appendix A will be the basis of the proposal. The design will also need to accommodate a possible future expansion that will occur in the next 5 to 10 years.
As part of the design, considerations will need to be taken for structural capacity of the east end of the building to accommodate the added office space. Considerations will also need to be taken for the historical components of the building during the design and construction phases. Proper documentation for heritage building changes will also need to be included and supplied as required. Any building assessments that may be required are to be included as well. Previous experience in dealing with a renovation of this historical nature must be demonstrated at time of submission and will be a part of the grading for award.
A requirement for the project will be the incorporation of artistic work within the design and construction. The artist selection process will commence following the RFP and the consultant will be a part of the artist selection process. Prior experience working with an artist is to be shown with relevant references.
As this is an accessibility project, prior accessibility upgrading projects will need to be shown. Any previous experience working with a person with disabilities during the design will be considered an asset.
Previous work with any art galleries will be considered an asset and should be demonstrated in the proposal with valid references.
An optional walkthrough of the space will be held on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2017 at 2:00pm.

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