Broadway Boulevard Storm Sewer Upgrade - NB

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   Fév 16, 2017
   Mar 14, 2017

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Broadway Boulevard Storm Sewer Upgrade - NB

Town of Grand Falls
131 Pleasant Street

New Brunswick
E3Z 1G6

Sealed tenders marked "Town of Grand Falls - Broadway Boulevard Storm Sewer
Upgrade, Project No. 608-12", will be received by the Town of Grand Falls, on
Tuesday, March 14th, 2017, at the Town Hall until 2:00 p.m. (local time). Public
opening of tenders will follow immediately.

Each tender must be accompanied by a Bid Bond in the amount of 10% of the tender
price, payable to the Town of Grand Falls. The name of the tendering firm and the
identification of the contract shall be indicated on the envelope.

The latest revision of the "Tendering Regulations" of the Crown Construction
Contract Act (82-109), as amended, apply to this tender.

One set of Bid Documents may be obtained upon payment of $150.00 plus taxes to
Roy Consultants which will be non-refundable. These documents can be procured at
the Office of Roy Consultants located at 45 - 34th Avenue, Edmundston, NB.

The intent of this tender call is to obtain an offer to provide the Town of Grand
Falls with all and every kind of labour, construction equipment, products and
services that may be required to execute and complete, in a workmanlike manner,
all the work comprised in the proposed Broadway Boulevard Storm Sewer Upgrade in
Grand Falls, New Brunswick, which includes, but is not limited to the excavation
and removal of the concrete slab under the driving lanes, the supply and installation
of storm
sewer collection system components, the replacement of existing sanitary sewage
system components, the replacement of existing water distribution system components,
supply and installation of new water distribution system components, roadways
backfilling, reinstatement of sidewalks, the supply and placement of asphalt
concrete and site restoration.

The Town of Grand Falls reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders.

This is a tender notice only. In order to submit a bid, you must obtain official
tender documents from the New Brunswick Opportunities Network, another authorized
tendering service or as indicated in the tender notice.

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Roy Consultants .
Town of Grand Falls
131 Pleasant Street

New Brunswick
E3Z 1G6

1 (506) 737-9730

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