Kakossa Dige Rehabilitation Work

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   Mar 31, 2017
   Avr 27, 2017

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   Direction des Marches Publics, Quartier Coronthie, near the Governorate of Conakry , Republic of Guinea Kakand Building
   +224- 664 40 65 34
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Texte original

Tenders are invited for Kakossa Dige Rehabilitation Work The Ministry of Agriculture solicits bids from qualified candidates who meet the qualifications required to carry out the following works in three lots: Lot 1: Rehabilitation of the main hydraulic structure and the construction of a supplemental work at souleymania: the duchenal curtain on 200ml, the rehabilitation of the valves (slides and valves), the improvement of the lifting system Valves (slides and valves) by supplying and installing hoists, pulleys, cables and cable ties; The construction of the posts and beams, the construction of a complementary work by opening a 4m trench and the installation of two (2) nozzle rows of 0100 and 6 m length to increase the drainage capacity. The execution of the upstream nozzle head provided with grooves with lifting system of the slide valves by means of the hoists; Lot 2: Rehabilitation of the hydraulic works of Noreyr; Kouakou and Touguikren: the rehabilitation of the valves (slides and valves), the improvement of the lifting system of the valves (slides and valves) by the supply and installation of hoists, cables and clamps, Cables; Construction of poles and beams, piers and pulley. Lot 3: Rehabilitation of the interior of the 2400 ha perimeter: this involves the cleaning of canals and drains; The shaping of the jumpers and the closing of all the gaps, the raising of the road dikes, the dikes of partitioning, the supply and the installation of the nozzles for the maintenance of equilibrium in the traps
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