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Côte d'Ivoire
   Avr 9, 2017
   Avr 28, 2017
   Acquisition internationale

Adresse de contact

   Financial Sector Development Department
AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK CCIA, Plateau, Abidjan – Côte d’Ivoire
Côte d'Ivoire
   +225 20265263
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Brief description of the Assignment:

1.Under the supervision of the Division Manager, Trade Finance Division maintain a database of Risk Participation Agreement (RPA) transactions executed under the Bank’s Trade Finance Program (TFP).

2.Monitor transactions to ensure they are executed in accordance with eligibility criteria of the TFP and fully mirror those of the Confirming Bank (CB) partners across all Risk Participation RPAs on to ensure zero reporting error.

3.Monitor fees receivable and reconcile them with reports and actual payments received from CBs/RPA partners

4.Collaborate with the other members of the Trade Finance (TF)team for the development of an internal list of issuing banks under the TFP.

5.Upload and consolidate reports received from RPA partners/CBs into the TF database for purposes of tracking limits, exposures, maturity dates and fees; and for generating requisite information for reporting purposes.

6.Input the utilization reports from the CBs into the database and verifying the accuracy of these reports.

7.Interface and maintain close relationship with the IT Department to assure the robustness and efficiency of the database on a going basis.

8.Prepare charts, graphs, briefs and memos summarizing research results.

9.Perform any other duties as may be assignedby the Division Manager, Trade Finance

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