Treasury Management Software

Avis d'appel d'offres

Des informations générales

   Avr 21, 2017
   Mai 5, 2017

Adresse de contact

   3700 Lake Austin Blvd, Shapiro Building, S226I PO Box 220 City: Austin, TX, 78703-3504 Attn: Tayo Sokale

Marchandises, Travaux et Services

Services d'analyse stratégique et de planification de systèmes ou de technologies de l'information   Services de conseil en analyse d'exploitation  

Texte original

Tenders are invited for Treasury Management Software RFP Submission Requirements: Offeror shall prepare its request for proposal on forms furnished by the LCRA or as otherwise specified herein. Incomplete proposal forms, schedules and information sheets may be grounds for disqualification. A proposal item which in the opinion of LCRA is not in exact compliance with the RFP, and which has not been modified or clarified may, at LCRAs discretion, be considered an exception to the RFP or be rejected as a non-conforming offer. LCRA will not be responsible for any cost or expenses associated with the preparation or submittal of the Offerors proposal. The following documents shall be returned to LCRA by the proposal deadline:

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