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   op00042288, 2-pafs-sfqc
   Mai 11, 2017
   Mai 24, 2017

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   National Agency TADAMOUNZRC, N 420-Nouakchott-Mauritania Province/State: Mauritania Attn: Mohamedou Mohamedou Ahmedou MHaimid
World Bank (WB) 1818 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20433 USA. Phone: (202) 473-1000 Fax: (202) 477-6391
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Texte original

Expression of interest for Consultant for Impact Assessment OBJECTIVES OF THE CONSULTATION :- 1. The main objective of the survey is to collect the baseline data to establish the reference situation in order to assess the impact of the Tekavoul program. The survey r & e acute; ference will be carried auprsdes households receiving project services (treatment group), as well as with non desmnages beneficiaries (control group) in moughataas of Slibaby and Barkeol . The survey will be carried out with a sample of 5800 households in 11 communes. The sample to be surveyed and the questionnaire will be provided to the consultant by the Program Evaluation Unit and the surveys will be carried out on the shelf. 2. Specific objectives 1. Design a human and material means of collecting data of very good quality; 2. Recruit, contract, pay, train investigators and supervisors with the ability to communicate in the relevant local language (s); p> 3. Collecting tablet data from sampling households provided by the Program Evaluation Unit; 4. Deliver raw and cleared data in a format compatible with standard statistical software. Project ID: P150430 Procurement Method: Quality And Cost-Based Selection Submission Deadline Date/Time: May 24, 2017 12:00 Language of Notice: French

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