Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund, Potential Mitigation Projects Airport And Non-road Equipment

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   Mai 19, 2017
   Juin 23, 2017

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   Carr Building, Room 235 3800 Commonwealth Boulevard, MS#93 Tallahassee, FL, 32399-3000 Attn: Fran Spivey (Procurement Officer)

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Prequalification are invited for Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund, Potential Mitigation Projects Airport and Non-Road Equipment Purpose and Scope. On October 25, 2016, the United States entered into a Partial Consent Decree that partially resolves claims that Volkswagen (VW) violated the Clean Air Act by selling more than 500,000 vehicles containing 2.0-liter diesel engines equipped with defeat devices. These defeat devices allowed the vehicles to meet emission limits during emissions tests while not meeting these limits during normal vehicle operation. As part of the Partial Consent Decree, VW will provide $2.7 billion to establish a Mitigation Trust Fund which is intended to fully mitigate the excess nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions from the 2.0-liter diesel vehicles. Floridas share of these funds is currently estimated to be approximately $152 million. In order for Florida to receive these funds, the state must first become a Beneficiary and then submit a Beneficiary Mitigation Plan to the designated Trustee. Through this RFI, the Department is requesting information to assist in determining the range and types of diesel emission reduction and mitigation projects that potentially exist in the state to help inform Floridas draft Beneficiary Mitigation Plan. This RFI is also intended to identify Interested Entities that may be interested in participating in potential mitigation projects in the future. etc. May 26, 2017, Close of Business Questions Submitted in Writing Procurement Contact identified in Section 1.02, Procurement Officer June 2, 2017 Answers to Questions Posted Vendor Bid System

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