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Headline Categories Create Date Countries Funding Agencies
Agriculture leaders imagine the future of food in Latin America and the Caribbean Region Agriculture and Food Fév 24, 2019 United States World Bank (WB)
New CRP: Enhanced Biotic-stress Tolerance of Pulses Towards Sustainable Intensification of Cropping Systems for Climate-change Adaptation (D22006) Agriculture and Food Mar 4, 2019 Austria International Atomic Energy Agency
African Development Bank Shows its Support to the Kingdom of Eswatini’s Economic Recovery Transport, Water, Finance, Agriculture and Food Mar 4, 2019 Swaziland African Development Bank (AfDB)
African Development Bank Executive Director Tours completed power projects Transport, Services, Energy, Agriculture and Food Mar 5, 2019 Zimbabwe African Development Bank (AfDB)
Climate Smart Agriculture to improve Resilience and Productivity in Sri Lanka Finance, Agriculture and Food Mar 10, 2019 Sri Lanka World Bank (WB)
Drought-tolerant Crops to Contribute to Food Security in Namibia Agriculture and Food Mar 14, 2019 Namibia International Atomic Energy Agency