CCTV Prequalification

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   Fév 16, 2017
   Mar 9, 2017

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   Sue Howard

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CCTV Prequalification

1. The intent of this process is to shortlist Contractors with appropriate experience and expertise in the following skill sets:
2. General Services:
2.1. Inspection of underground piping infrastructure through the use of Closed Circuit TV
2.2. Ability to inspect a variety of pipe diameters and materials
2.3. Provide written as well as digital reporting to the City of all completed work
2.4. Digital reporting to be provided as generic video files
2.5. Ability to provide inspection services beyond the capabilities of the City’s current inspection system
3. Optional Services:
3.1. Lateral launch capabilities
3.2. Laser profiling
3.3. Ultrasonic
3.4. Or other leading edge technologies
4. The resulting agreement(s) will be in place for no more than a three year period (2017-2019).
5. Services will be provided to the City on an as needed basis, with any of the successful proponents being called upon at any given time. The City in no way ensures that all successful proponents will be called upon within the three (3) year period outlined in this document.
6. The City reserves the right to terminate the services of any successful Proponent or to terminate the service agreement(s) entirely at its sole discretion.

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