Procurement of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Works for Poti STP Construction (Georgia)

Avis d'appel d'offres

Des informations générales

   P43405 - ICB - POT - 02
   Avr 8, 2017
   Mai 18, 2017
   Acquisition internationale

Adresse de contact

   Ia Mazanishvili
United Water Supply Company of Georgia LLC
76b Vazha - Pshavela Ave. 0186 Tbilisi Georgia
   (995 32) 291 90 60
   995 32) 222 00 36
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Marchandises, Travaux et Services

Travaux de construction de stations de traitement des eaux usées  

Texte original

1.Georgia has received a financing from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) toward the cost of Urban Services Improvement Investment Program –Tranche4. Part of this financing will be used for payments under the contract named above. Bidding is open to bidders from eligible source countries of the ADB as described in of the Bidding Document.

2.The United Water Supply Company of Georgia LLC(UWSCG) invites sealed bids from eligible Bidders for the construction and completion of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Poti (“the Facility“). In particular,the Facility is located in town Poti and is situated in the Georgia's western part on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, approximately 310 km west of Tbilisi and 40 km south-west of Zugdidi. The work comprises design, construction and commissioning of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) for Poti. The works shall be based on the data for the year 2024. Nevertheless the design and construction shall be executed in a waythat allows an extension of the WWTP for the capacity as indicated for the year 2044. The plant shall consist of pumping stations, screens, aeration and sedimentation tanks, operation and administrative buildings, sludge thickener, etc.

3.International Competitive Bidding (ICB)will be conducted in accordance with ADB Single-Stage: Two-Envelope bidding procedure and is open to all Bidders from eligible countries as described in the Bidding Document.

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