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   Avr 20, 2017
   Avr 27, 2017

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   PO Box 470, Peaceful Valley Road City: North Creek, NY, 12853 Attn: John Howard Carbone

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Texte original

Tenders are invited for Supply of Energy Description: Gore Mountain Ski Area is requesting, in writing only submissions of interest for a Bidders List for qualifications to supply energy and or energy production or storage products according to Gore Mountains requirements, including gasoline, propane, diesel fuel (kero/diesel/bio blend), heating oil (kero/oil/bio blend) electricity, wind and biomass. This request may be cancelled for any or all energy products subject to the presence of State Contracts. Site visits may be required. Voice messages will not be returned. Additional information: There are no Bid Documents available, this notice is to solicit interest for the development of a Bidders List, to collect information of interested organizations and to address the requirements of article 4-C of the Economic Development Law. Respondents to this posting will be placed on a Bidders List and will be contacted during the Bidding Phases. Interested Organizations should submit the following; Organization Name Primary Contact Person, email, telephone Organization mailing address Organization physical address

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