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Côte d'Ivoire
   Avr 9, 2017
   Avr 25, 2017
   Acquisition internationale

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   taff Retirement Plan sector
Côte d'Ivoire
   (+225) 2026 3005
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Services de technologies de l'information, conseil, développement de logiciels, internet et appui   Services de conception de sites WWW (World Wide Web)  

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Brief description of the Assignment:

SRP in response to various requests from members for an internet site, has finally developed two websites: one dedicated to participants/members (SRP website) and another for former staff (including elected officers, staff attached, qualified consultants and interns of the Bank (Alumni website).
There is need to add content to both websites and manage various requests from members trying to register online.The consultant will required to carry out the following tasks: *Uploading and managing information that appears on websites.
*Working closely with project teams in editing, proofreading and coordinating site content style and appearance

*Making sure content is up to date and that it caters to the needs of the target audience
*Taking a lead role in maintenance, support and improvement of the site Using web content management systems to analyze website usage statistics
*Setting permissions for site users

*Carrying out quality assurance checks on website contents

*Promoting information about the website to target customers and partners
*Reporting technical problems to IT support staff
*Monitoring website traffic, making sure the website is working properly and responding to website feedback

*Ensuring website compliance with legal issues, such as copyright and data protection.
*Having a thorough familiarity with all publishing constraints, organizational policy, and intellectual property rights and data protection legislation.

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