Supply Of 115kv 2000 Amp Disconnect Switches

Avis d'appel d'offres

Des informations générales

   Avr 21, 2017
   Avr 28, 2017

Adresse de contact

   PO Box 11007 3628 S 35th St City: Tacoma, WA, 98409 Attn: Seth J Hartz

Marchandises, Travaux et Services


Texte original

Tenders are invited for 115kV 2000 Amp Disconnect Switches Policy and purpose: It is the policy of the City of Tacoma that citizens be afforded an opportunity for full participation in our free enterprise system and that historically underutilized business enterprises shall have an equitable opportunity to participate in the performance of City contracts. The City finds that in its contracting for supplies, services and public works there has been historical underutilization of small businesses located in certain geographically and economically disfavored locations and that this underutilization has had a deleterious impact on the economic well-being of the City. The purpose of this chapter is to remedy the effects of such underutilization through use of reasonably achievable goals to increase opportunities for historically underutilized businesses to participate in City contracts. It is the goal of this chapter to facilitate a substantial procurement, education, and mentorship program designed to promote equitable participation by historically underutilized businesses in the provision of supplies, services, and public works to the City. It is not the purpose of this chapter to provide any person or entity with any right, privilege, or claim, not shared by the public, generally, and this chapter shall not be construed to do so. This chapter is adopted in accordance with Chapter 35.22 RCW and RCW 49.60.400.

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