State Of Utah Budgeting Software

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   Avr 21, 2017
   Avr 28, 2017

Adresse de contact

   PO Box 141061 3150 State Office Building, Capitol Hill City: Salt Lake City, UT, 84114-1061 Attn: Fay K Tan (State Contract Analyst/Purchasing Agent)

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Texte original

Tenders are invited for State of Utah budgeting software Additional Information : Offerors are prohibited from exchanging communications regarding this RFP with the conducting procurement unit staff, evaluation committee members, or other associated individuals, EXCEPT the State of Utah Division of Purchasing procurement officer overseeing this RFP. Wherever in this RFP an item is defined by using a trade name, brand name, or a manufacturer and/or model number, it is intended that the words or equivalent apply, and Offerors are invited to submit equivalent products. Offerors may be required to submit product samples to assist the chief procurement officer or head of a procurement unit with independent procurement authority in evaluating whether or not a procurement item meets the specifications and other requirements set forth in the request for proposals. Product samples must be furnished free of charge unless otherwise stated in the request for proposals, and if not destroyed by testing and if requested in writing within any deadline stated in the request for proposals, be returned at the Offeror%s expense. Samples must be labeled or otherwise identified as specified in the request for proposals by the procurement unit

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