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Côte d'Ivoire
   Avr 17, 2017
   Avr 25, 2017
   Acquisition nationale

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   Ms Maali HARRATHI
Côte d'Ivoire
   +225 20 26 32 13
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The goal of the African Resource Centre (ANRC) is to help maximise the development outcomes derived from African natural resources. This will be done by providing independent advice and technical assistance to RMCs in order to ensure sustainable development and management of natural resources, while increasing the impact of the Bank Group’s activities in the sector. Its activities cover both renewable and non-renewable natural resources.

Advisory services and technical assistance to RMCs
* Capacity building of Natural Resource Management (NRM) institutions
* Knowledge generation on NRM
* Advocate sustainable development of African Natural Resources.

2. POSITION INFORMATION: Reporting to the division manager, Policy and Economic Analysis division, the incumbent shall provide assistance to the department in collecting and analysing data, conducting literature and media research to inform the ANRC’s policy development, preparing reports and presentations and providing support to the organisation of knowledge and advocacy events.

a) Data Collection and analysis. In liaison with other relevant Bank departments, collects various forms of data pertaining to areas of operation of the ANRC.
b) Literature Research. Regularly conducts research of literature in order to inform ANRC of trends, news, issues arising relative to natural resources spanning both renewable and non-renewable sectors.
c) Record Keeping and information management. Supports knowledge management within the ANRC, through systematisation of research and information sources, in particular through the AMNRC knowledge portal.
d) Technical Research. Independently conducts policy research as required
e) Data Analysis. Conducts data analysis. Interprets, presents data through charts, graphs and other visual forms; draws conclusions, and discusses with ANRC staff.
f) Report and Presentation Preparation. Provides support to members of the Assists in preparing various reports as needed in ANRC.
g) Support the preparation of Departmental knowledge events, seminars and workshops
h) Performs other tasks as assigned by the Department’s management

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