Operations of Island Solid Waste Management Residential Collection Services

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   British Columbia
   Avr 20, 2017
   Mai 25, 2017

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   Rob Kidd

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Texte original

Operations of Island Solid Waste Management Residential Collection Services

The Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District (SQCRD) invites potential proponents to submit sealed tenders for work involving residential collection services of solid waste on Haida Gwaii.

All amendments to the associated notice, including amended documents, plans and specifications (where applicable), are issued by the originator of the notice. MERX asks you to contact the buying agency directly for these amendments. MERX stipulates that potential bidders may also be required to register with the buying authority as a bidder/plan taker. The contact information can be found within the main tender document and/or on this notice abstract.

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