Recruitment Of One (01) International Consultant And One (01) National Consultant For The Mid-term Review Of The Undaf 2015-2019

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   Mai 11, 2017
   Mai 25, 2017

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Texte original

Expression of interest for Recruitment of one (01) international consultant and one (01) national consultant for the mid-term review of the undaf 2015-2019. objectives The objective of the mid-term review is to analyze the progress towards achieving the expected effects and the changes implemented, notably in the zones of convergence of the interventions of the SNU (Regions Atsimo Andrefana, Androy and Vatovavy Fitovinany) . It should enable UN agencies and the Government to have descriptive and analytical information on the design and implementation of the UNDAF and to make relevant recommendations for the remainder of the programming cycle. This review will make it possible to appreciate the joint efforts of the Government and the agencies of the SNU in favor of the socio-economic development of Madagascar. It is a joint review of the UN and the Government on the results achieved in the framework of the cooperation of the SNU in the country. Specifically, it will be: Assess relevance, effectiveness and sustainability in achieving the agreed outcomes in the UNDAF taking into account the current national contexts and their contribution to development efforts in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and; Highlight and evaluate the results achieved during the first two years of UNDAF implementation; Identify key constraints faced by UN agencies and implementing partners; Taking account of developments, the presence of new actors and documenting lessons learned and making recommendations to overcome difficulties for the remaining period of UNDAF implementation; Analyze the adequacy of the monitoring system, the functioning of the different bodies of the monitoring and evaluation system; Evaluate the UNDAF monitoring and evaluation framework; Review the UNDAF resource framework and identify gaps in funding; Assess the extent to which UNDAF implementation has remained faithful to gender and human rights principles.

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