Recruitment Of A National Consultant For The Evaluation Of The Legal Environment For The Protection Of Hiv Rights (lea) And The Analysis Called "engagement Scan"

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   Mai 11, 2017
   Mai 23, 2017

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   UNDP reception, United Nations House, Raseta Street, Andraharo, Majunga Rd, Antananarivo

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Expression of interest for Recruitment of a national consultant for the evaluation of the legal environment for the protection of HIV rights (LEA) and the analysis called "Engagement scan" in Madagascar,. The scope of the work for both exercises is to: Identify and collect relevant policy documents, legal documents and research papers for review of the literature Identify key stakeholders who can provide needed information and can be consulted Review all available documents on international, regional and national human rights obligations, in particular those relating to HIV and AIDS Review all relevant national laws and policies, including laws that impact vulnerable populations and key populations, as well as recent and ongoing legislative and legislative reform initiatives; Review all relevant national public health policies as well as recent and ongoing legislative and legislative reform initiatives in relation to their impacts on the most vulnerable populations and at-risk populations; Examine access to justice, including institutional frameworks for access to justice and law enforcement in health services with particular attention to HIV / AIDS prevention, treatment and care. AIDS; Evaluate the current legal, regulatory and policy environment to understand the extent to which it supports the national response to HIV and AIDS; Identify protective laws, regulations, policies and programs that support human rights and access to health services in the context of HIV and AIDS; Identify prohibitive punitive and political laws that constitute barriers to human rights and access to health services in the context of HIV and AIDS; Identify gaps and weaknesses in current legal, regulatory and policy frameworks for HIV prevention, treatment and care and mitigation; Compile recommendations for the public health legal environment, review and reform of laws, increase access to justice and ensure respect for rights, and create an effective response HIV and AIDS. Conduct interviews with stakeholders Identify key institutions that are relevant to law and policy reform and describe the processes by which they engage in such reform. (For example, describe the process of how a bill becomes a law or the procedure of a trial in a court case) Describe the specific processes that create opportunities for advocacy (eg, a court hearing, a call for comments on specific legislation, a meeting of parliamentarians) Discuss what form (s) the 'scan engagement' analysis of civil society can take with the process (eg formal submissions to Parliament on particular legislation, filing of evidence in court, organization of a Meeting with key decision makers to discuss a policy that is scheduled to be reviewed). Give any other information that civil society may need to engage in a particular process.

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