Strengthening grassroots women's leadership in building climate and disaster resilience

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   Mai 11, 2017
   Mai 24, 2017
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The project team is seeking a firm that can help strengthen and formalize the leadership role of grassroots women's groups in Honduras, India and Guatemala to strengthen resilience to climate change and adverse natural events in highly vulnerable communities through scalable partnership approaches.

The project seeks to build on and expand the successful activity supported by a South-South grant on Facilitation of Womens Leadership and Forging Partnerships to Drive the Demand for Local Implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action (2010-2013) to expand to a larger number of communities in Central American and India. Activities will seek to leverage the experience of network organizations that have demonstrated leadership in promoting womens leadership, community-driven development, and developing productive partnerships with local and national authorities to support resilience strengthening. As such, Project activities will advance partnerships, capacity building and institutional strengthening of civil society and community-based grassroots organizations and also government stakeholders to ensure risk reduction plans incorporate communities priorities, and to promote the role of women as leaders of long-term resilience.

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