Andranolava Internal Sector Development In The Framework Of The Second Tranche Of The Work On The Development Of The Bas Mangoky Perimeter Extension Area

Avis d'appel d'offres

Des informations générales

   Mai 13, 2017
   Juin 22, 2017

Adresse de contact

   2 Rue Pierre Stibbe, MPAE building, Anosy, 5th floor, door 504, 101-ANTANANARIVO
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Texte original

Tenders are invited for Andranolava Internal Sector Development in the framework of the second tranche of the Work on the development of the Bas Mangoky perimeter extension area, Rural Commune Of Tanandava Station, District of Morombe, Region Atsimo Andrefana. Consistency of work to be carried out: The work includes the development of plots, the setting up of irrigation networks Secondary, tertiary and quaternary channels in concrete and self-supporting canals and various Hydro-mechanical equipment, the creation of drains, the construction of runways and crossing The work forms an indivisible lot. Any partial tender is inadmissible. Deadline: 22 June 2017 at 10 am

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