Golf Course Maintenance Equipment, Purchase Of

Avis d'appel d'offres

Des informations générales

   Mai 19, 2017
   Juin 8, 2017

Adresse de contact

   50 S Military Trail, Ste 110 West Palm Beach, FL, 33415-3199 Attn: Colleen Cardillo (Buyer)

Marchandises, Travaux et Services

Travaux de nivelage de terrains de golf  

Texte original

Tenders are invited for Golf Course Maintenance Equipment, Purchase Of GENERAL INFORMATION : Bidders are advised that this package constitutes the complete set of specifications, terms, and conditions which forms the binding contract between Palm Beach County and the successful bidder. Changes to this Invitation for Bid may be made only by written amendment issued by the County Purchasing Department. Bidders are further advised to closely examine every section of this document, to ensure that all sequentially numbered pages are present, and to ensure that it is fully understood. Questions or requests for explanations or interpretations of this document must be submitted to the Purchasing Department contact in writing in sufficient time to permit a written response prior to the published bid submission time. Oral explanations or instructions given by any County agent are not binding and should not be interpreted as altering any provision of this document. Bidder certifies that this bid is made without reliance on any oral representations made by the County

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